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Portuguese conjugation

Verbs beginning with r

rabear [tr, intr]
rabejar [tr, intr]
rabiar [intr]
rabinizar [intr]
rabiscar [tr, intr]
rabonar [tr, Br]
rabujar [intr]
rabular [intr]
rabulear [intr]
rabulejar [intr, Br]
rabunar [tr]
racear [tr]
rachar [tr, intr]
rachar-se [tr, intr]
racinar [tr]
raciocinar [tr, intr]
racionalizar [tr]
racionar [tr]
racontar [tr]
radiar [tr, intr]
radicalizar [tr, intr]
radicalizar-se [tr, intr]
radicar [tr]
radicar-se [tr]
radiodiagnosticar [tr]
radiodifundir [tr]
radiofonizar [tr, Br]
radiografar [tr, intr]
radiotransmitir [tr]
radobar [tr]
raer [tr]
rafar [tr]
rafar-se [tr]
raiar [tr, intr]
raivar [tr, intr]
raivecer [tr, intr]
raivejar [tr, intr]
rajar [tr]
ralar [tr]
ralar-se [tr]
ralear [tr, intr]
ralear-se [tr, intr]
ralentar [tr, intr]
ralentar-se [tr, intr]
ralhar [tr, intr]
ramalhar [tr, intr]
ramear [tr]
ramelar [intr]
ramelar-se [intr]
ramificar [tr]
ramificar-se [tr]
ramilhetar [tr]
rampear [tr]
rançar [intr]
rancescer [intr]
rancidificar [intr]
ranger [tr, intr]
rangir [tr, intr]
ranhar [tr]
rapar [tr, intr]
rapar-se [tr, intr]
rapinar [tr, intr]
rapinhar [tr]
raposar [tr]
raposear [tr, Br]
raposinhar [intr]
raptar [tr]
raquitizar [tr]
rarear [tr, intr]
rarefazer [tr]
rarefazer-se [tr]
rasar [tr]
rasar-se [tr]
rascar [tr, intr]

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Search for infinitive (min. 3 letters):

rascunhar [tr]
rasgar [tr, intr]
rasgar-se [tr, intr]
rasoirar [tr]
rasourar [tr]
raspar [tr]
raspar-se [tr]
rasquetear [tr, Br]
rastaquerar [intr, Br]
rastear [tr, intr, Br]
rasteirar [tr]
rastejar [tr, intr]
rastelar [tr]
rastrear [tr, intr]
rasurar [tr]
ratar [tr]
ratear [tr, intr]
ratificar [tr]
ratificar-se [tr]
ratinhar [tr, intr]
ratonar [intr]
ratonear [intr]
razoar [tr, intr]
reabastecer [tr]
reabastecer-se [tr]
reabilitar [tr]
reabilitar-se [tr]
reabitar [tr]
reabjurar [tr]
reabotoar [tr]
reabrir [tr]
reabrir-se [tr]
reabsorver [tr]
reacender [tr]
reacender-se [tr]
reacomodar [tr]
reactivar [tr]
reacusar [tr]
readaptar [tr]
readmitir [tr]
readoptar [tr]
readormecer [intr]
readotar [tr, Br]
readquirir [tr]
reafirmar [tr]
reagir [tr, intr]
reagradecer [tr]
reagravar [tr, intr]
reagravar-se [tr, intr]
reajustar [tr]
realçar [tr]
realçar-se [tr]
realegrar [tr]
realegrar-se [tr]
realejar [tr, Br]
realimentar [tr]
realizar [tr]
realizar-se [tr]
reamanhecer [intr]
reanimar [tr, intr]
reanimar-se [tr, intr]
reaparecer [intr]
reaplicar [tr]
reapreciar [tr]
reaprender [tr]
reapresentar [tr]
reaproximar [tr]
reaproximar-se [tr]
reaquecer [tr]
reaquecer-se [tr]
reaquistar [tr]
rearborizar [tr]
rearmar [tr]
rearmar-se [tr]

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rearticular [tr]
rearticular-se [tr]
reascender [tr]
reassumir [tr]
reatar [tr]
reativar [tr, Br]
reativar-se [tr, Br]
reavaliar [tr]
reaver [tr]
reaviar [tr]
reaviar-se [tr]
reavisar [tr]
reavivar [tr]
reavultar [intr]
rebaixar [tr, intr]
rebaixar-se [tr, intr]
rebalsar [intr]
rebalsar-se [intr]
rebanhar [tr]
rebaptizar [tr]
rebar [tr]
rebarbar [tr, intr]
rebater [tr, intr]
rebatizar [tr, Br]
rebeijar [tr]
rebelar [tr]
rebelar-se [tr]
rebelionar [tr]
rebenquear [tr, Br]
rebentar [tr, intr]
rebenzer [tr]
rebenzer-se [tr]
rebimbar [intr, Br]
rebitar [tr]
reboar [intr]
rebobinar [tr]
rebocar [tr, intr]
rebocar-se [tr, intr]
rebojar [tr, intr, Br]
rebolar [tr, intr]
rebolar-se [tr, intr]
rebolcar [tr]
rebolcar-se [tr]
rebolear [tr, Br]
rebolear-se [tr, Br]
rebolir [intr, Br]
rebolir-se [intr, Br]
rebolquear-se [Br]
rebombar [intr]
reboquear [tr]
rebordar [tr, intr]
rebotar [tr]
rebotar-se [tr]
rebramar [intr]
rebramar-se [intr]
rebramir [intr]
rebrilhar [intr]
rebrotar [intr]
rebuçar [tr]
rebuçar-se [tr]
rebuliçar [intr, Br]
rebulir [tr]
rebuscar [tr]
rebusnar [intr]
recachar [tr, intr]
recair [tr, intr]
recalar [intr]
recalcar [tr]
recalcitrar [tr, intr]
recalcular [tr]
recaldear [tr]
recamar [tr]
recamar-se [tr]
recambiar [tr, intr]

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recantar [tr]
recapacitar [tr]
recapar [tr, Br]
recapear [tr]
recapilalizar [tr]
recapitular [tr]
recapturar [tr]
recargar [tr]
recasar [tr, intr]
recatar [tr]
recatar-se [tr]
recativar [tr]
recauchutar [tr]
recaucionar [tr]
recavalgar [tr]
recavar [tr]
recear [tr]
recear-se [tr]
receber [tr, intr]
receber-se [tr, intr]
receitar [tr, intr]
recenar [tr]
recender [tr, intr]
recensear [tr]
recepcionar [tr, intr]
receptar [tr]
rechaçar [tr]
rechear [tr]
rechear-se [tr]
rechegar [tr]
rechiar [intr]
rechinar [intr]
reciclar [tr]
recingir [tr]
reciprocar [tr]
reciprocar-se [tr]
recitar [tr, intr]
recivilizar [tr]
recivilizar-se [tr]
reclamar [tr, intr]
reclassificar [tr]
reclinar [tr]
reclinar-se [tr]
recluir [tr]
recobrar [tr]
recobrar-se [tr]
recobrir [tr]
recobrir-se [tr]
recoitar [tr]
recolher [tr, intr]
recolher-se [tr, intr]
recolocar [tr]
recolonizar [tr]
recombinar [tr]
recomeçar [tr]
recomendar [tr]
recomendar-se [tr]
recomer [tr]
recompensar [tr]
recompensar-se [tr]
recompor [tr]
recompor-se [tr]
recomprar [tr]
reconcentrar [tr]
reconcentrar-se [tr]
reconcertar [tr]
reconciliar [tr]
reconciliar-se [tr]
recondicionar [tr, Br]
reconduzir [tr]
reconfirmar [tr]
reconfortar [tr]
reconfortar-se [tr]
recongraçar [tr]
recongraçar-se [tr]

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reconhecer [tr]
reconhecer-se [tr]
reconquistar [tr]
reconsertar [tr]
reconsiderar [tr, intr]
reconsolidar [tr, intr]
reconsolidar-se [tr, intr]
reconstituir [tr]
reconstruir [tr, intr]
recontar [tr]
recontar-se [tr]
reconvalescer [intr]
reconvir [tr]
reconvocar [tr]
recopiar [tr]
recopilar [tr]
recordar [tr]
recordar-se [tr]
recoroar [tr]
recorrer [tr]
recorrigir [tr]
recortar [tr]
recortar-se [tr]
recoser [tr]
recostar [tr]
recostar-se [tr]
recoutar [tr]
recovar [tr, intr]
recozer [tr]
recravar [tr]
recravar-se [tr]
recrear [tr]
recrear-se [tr]
recrescer [tr, intr]
recrescer-se [tr, intr]
recrestar [tr]
recriar [tr]
recriminar [tr]
recrucificar [tr]
recrudescer [intr]
recrutar [tr]
recruzar [tr]
rectificar [tr]
rectificar-se [tr]
recuar [tr, intr]
recuidar [tr]
recunhar [tr]
recuperar [tr]
recuperar-se [tr]
recurvar [tr]
recurvar-se [tr]
recusar [tr]
recusar-se [tr]
redactar [tr, intr]
redactilografar [tr]
redar [intr]
redar [tr]
redarguir [tr]
redatilografar [tr, Br]
redeclarar [tr]
redefinir [tr]
redemocratizar [tr]
redemocratizar-se [tr]
redemoinhar [intr]
redengar-se [Br]
redescender [intr]
redescobrir [tr]
redescontar [tr]
redesenhar [tr]
redestilar [tr]
redibir [tr]
redigir [tr, intr]
redimir [tr]
redimir-se [tr]

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redintegrar [tr]
redintegrar-se [tr]
rediscutir [tr]
redissolver [tr]
redistribuir [tr]
redizer [tr]
redobrar [tr, intr]
redoirar [tr]
redomonear [tr, Br]
redondear [tr]
redopiar [intr]
redourar [tr]
redrar [tr]
redundar [tr, intr]
reduplicar [tr, intr]
reduplicar-se [tr, intr]
reduzir [tr, intr]
reduzir-se [tr, intr]
reedificar [tr]
reeditar [tr]
reeditorar [tr]
reeducar [tr]
reeguer [tr]
reeguer-se [tr]
reeguipar [tr]
reelançar [tr]
reelançar-se [tr]
reeleger [tr]
reeleger-se [tr]
reembarcar [intr]
reembarcar-se [intr]
reembolsar [tr]
reembolsar-se [tr]
reemendar [tr]
reemitir [tr]
reempossar [tr]
reempregar [tr]
reencadernar [tr]
reencapar [tr]
reencarnar [intr]
reencarnar-se [intr]
reencher [tr]
reencontrar [tr]
reencontrar-se [tr]
reendossar [tr]
reentrar [tr]
reentronizar [tr]
reenviar [tr]
reenvidar [tr]
reequilibrar [tr]
reequilibrar-se [tr]
reescalonar [tr]
reescrever [tr]
reestampar [tr]
reestruturar [tr]
reestudar [tr]
reexaminar [tr]
reexpedir [tr]
reexplorar [tr]
reexportar [tr]
reextraditar [tr]
refalsear [tr]
refazer [tr]
refazer-se [tr]
refecer [tr, intr]
refegar [tr]
refender [tr]
referenciar [tr]
referenciar-se [tr]
referendar [tr]
referir [tr]
referir-se [tr]
refermentar [intr]
referver [tr, intr]

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refiar [tr]
refilar [tr, intr]
refilhar [intr]
refilmar [tr]
refinar [tr, intr]
refinar-se [tr, intr]
refincar [tr]
refitar [tr]
reflar [tr, Br]
reflectir [tr, intr]
reflectir-se [tr, intr]
refletir [tr, intr, Br]
refletir-se [tr, intr, Br]
reflexionar [intr]
reflorescer [tr, intr]
reflorestar [tr]
reflorir [intr, def]
refluir [tr, intr]
refocilar [tr]
refocilar-se [tr]
refogar [tr]
refolgar [intr]
refolhar [tr, intr]
refolhar-se [tr, intr]
reforçar [tr]
reforçar-se [tr]
reformar [tr]
reformar-se [tr]
reformular [tr]
refortificar [tr]
refractar [tr]
refractar-se [tr]
refranger [tr]
refranger-se [tr]
refranzear [intr]
refratar [tr, Br]
refratar-se [tr, Br]
refrear [tr]
refrear-se [tr]
refregar [intr]
refrescar [tr, intr]
refrescar-se [tr, intr]
refrigerar [tr]
refrigerar-se [tr]
refrisar [tr]
refugar [tr, intr]
refugir [tr, intr]
refulgir [intr, def]
refundar [tr]
refundir [tr, intr]
refundir-se [tr, intr]
refusar [tr]
refutar [tr]
regaçar [tr]
regaçar-se [tr]
regalar [tr, intr]
regalar-se [tr, intr]
regalardoar [tr]
reganhar [tr]
regar [tr]
regatar [tr, intr]
regatear [tr, intr]
regelar [tr, intr]
regenerar [tr]
regenerar-se [tr]
regentar [tr]
reger [tr]
reger-se [tr]
regerar [tr]
regirar [tr, intr]
registar [tr]
registrar [tr]
regoar [tr]

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regolfar [intr]
regorjear [tr, intr]
regougar [intr]
regozijar [tr]
regozijar-se [tr]
regrar [tr]
regrar-se [tr]
regravar [tr]
regraxar [tr]
regredir [intr]
regressar [tr]
reguingar [tr, intr]
regulamentar [tr]
regular [tr]
regular-se [tr]
regularizar [tr]
regularizar-se [tr]
regurgitar [tr, intr]
reimplantar [tr]
reimpor [tr]
reimprimir [tr]
reinar [tr, intr]
reincidir [tr, intr]
reincitar [tr]
reincorporar [tr]
reinflamar [tr]
reinflamar-se [tr]
reinfundir [tr]
reiniciar [tr]
reinquirir [tr, intr]
reinscrever [tr]
reinscrever-se [tr]
reinsistir [intr]
reinstalar [tr]
reinstalar-se [tr]
reinstituir [tr]
reintegrar [tr]
reintegrar-se [tr]
reinventar [tr]
reinvestir [tr]
reiterar [tr]
reiunar [tr, Br]
reivindicar [tr]
reixar [intr, Br]
rejeitar [tr]
rejubilar [tr, intr]
rejubilar-se [tr, intr]
rejuntar [tr, Br]
rejuvenescer [tr, intr]
rejuvenescer-se [tr, intr]
relacionar [tr]
relacionar-se [tr]
relacrar [tr]
relamber [tr]
relampadear [tr, intr]
relampadejar [tr, intr]
relampaguear [tr, intr]
relampear [tr, intr]
relampejar [tr, intr]
relançar [tr]
relancear [tr]
relar [tr, intr]
relatar [tr]
relaxar [tr, intr]
relaxar-se [tr, intr]
relegar [tr]
relegar-se [tr]
relembrar [tr]
reler [tr]
relevar [tr, intr]
relevar-se [tr, intr]
relhar [tr]
relicitar [tr, intr]
religar [tr]

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relimar [tr]
relinchar [intr]
relotear [tr, Br]
relumbrar [intr]
relutar [intr]
reluzir [intr]
relvar [tr, intr]
relvejar [intr]
remanchar [tr, intr]
remanchear [intr]
remanchear-se [intr]
remanejar [tr]
remanescer [intr]
remangar [intr]
remangar-se [intr]
remaniscar [intr, Br]
remansear [intr]
remansear-se [intr]
remanusear [tr]
remar [tr]
remarcar [tr]
remascar [tr]
remastigar [tr]
rematar [tr, intr]
rematar-se [tr, intr]
remedar [tr]
remediar [tr]
remediar-se [tr]
remedir [tr]
remelar [intr]
remelar-se [intr]
remembrar [intr]
rememorar [tr]
remendar [tr]
remenear [tr]
remenicar [tr, intr]
remerecer [tr]
remergulhar [tr]
remessar [tr]
remessar-se [tr]
remeter [tr]
remeter-se [tr]
remexer [tr]
remexer-se [tr]
remigrar [intr]
reminar-se [Br]
remir [tr]
remir-se [tr]
remirar [tr]
remirar-se [tr]
remitir [tr, intr]
remitir-se [tr, intr]
remobilizar [tr]
remocar [tr]
remoçar [tr, intr]
remoçar-se [tr, intr]
remodelar [tr]
remoer [tr, intr]
remoer-se [tr, intr]
remoinhar [intr]
remolhar [tr]
remondar [tr]
remontar [tr, intr]
remontar-se [tr, intr]
remoquear [tr, intr]
remorar [tr]
remorder [tr]
remorder-se [tr]
remover [tr]
remudar [tr]
remugir [tr, intr]
remunerar [tr]
remungir [tr, intr]

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remurmurar [intr]
renascer [intr]
renavegar [tr, intr]
rendar [tr]
render [tr, intr]
render-se [tr, intr]
rendilhar [tr]
renegar [tr]
renguear [intr, Br]
renhir [tr, intr, def]
renhir-se [tr, intr, def]
renitir [tr, intr]
renovar [tr, intr]
renovar-se [tr, intr]
rentar [tr]
rentear [tr]
renuir [tr]
renunciar [tr, intr]
renutrir [tr, intr]
reocupar [tr]
reordenar [tr]
reorganizar [tr]
reorientar [tr]
reouvir [tr, intr]
reoxidar [tr]
repagar [tr]
repaginar [tr]
repanhar [tr]
repanhar-se [tr]
reparar [tr]
reparar [tr]
reparar-se [tr]
reparar-se [tr]
reparecer [intr]
repartir [tr]
repartir-se [tr]
repascer [tr, intr, def]
repassar [tr, intr]
repassar-se [tr, intr]
repastar [tr, intr]
repastar-se [tr, intr]
repatriar [tr]
repatriar-se [tr]
repavimentar [tr]
repechar [tr, intr, Br]
repedir [tr]
repelar [tr]
repelar-se [tr]
repelir [tr]
repelir-se [tr]
repenicar [tr, intr]
repensar [tr, intr]
repercorrer [tr]
repercutir [tr, intr]
repercutir-se [tr, intr]
reperguntar [tr]
repertoriar [tr]
repesar [tr]
repetir [tr, intr]
repetir-se [tr, intr]
repicar [tr, intr]
repinchar [intr]
repingar [tr]
repingar-se [tr]
repintar [tr, intr]
repiquetar [tr]
repisar [tr]
repiscar [tr]
replantar [tr]
repletar [tr]
replicar [tr, intr]
repoisar [tr, intr]
repolegar [tr]

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repolgar [tr]
repolhar [intr]
repolir [tr]
repontar [tr, intr]
repontuar [tr]
repopularizar [tr]
repopularizar-se [tr]
repor [tr]
repor-se [tr]
reportar [tr]
reportar-se [tr]
repossuir [tr]
repostar [tr]
repousar [tr, intr]
repovoar [tr]
repovoar-se [tr]
repreender [tr]
repregar [tr]
represar [tr]
representar [tr, intr]
representar-se [tr, intr]
representear [tr]
reprimir [tr]
reprimir-se [tr]
reprochar [tr]
reproduzir [tr]
reproduzir-se [tr]
reprofundar [tr]
reprometer [tr]
repropor [tr]
reprovar [tr]
repruir [tr, intr]
reprurir [tr, intr]
reptar [tr, intr]
republicanizar [tr]
republicanizar-se [tr]
republicar [tr]
repudiar [tr]
repugnar [tr, intr]
repulsar [tr]
repulular [intr]
repurgar [tr]
repurificar [tr]
reputar [tr]
reputar-se [tr]
repuxar [tr, intr]
requebrar [tr]
requebrar-se [tr]
requeimar [tr]
requeimar-se [tr]
requentar [tr]
requentar-se [tr]
requerer [tr]
requestar [tr]
requintar [tr, intr]
requintar-se [tr, intr]
requisitar [tr]
rerratificar [tr]
rescaldar [tr]
rescindir [tr]
rescrever [tr]
resenhar [tr]
reservar [tr]
reservar-se [tr]
resfolegar [tr, intr]
resfolgar [tr, intr]
resfriar [tr, intr]
resfriar-se [tr, intr]
resgatar [tr]
resgatar-se [tr]
resguardar [tr]
resguardar-se [tr]

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z , Overview

residir [tr]
resignar [tr]
resignar-se [tr]
resilir [tr]
resinar [tr]
resinificar [tr]
resinificar-se [tr]
resistir [tr, intr]
reslumbrar [intr]
resmar [tr]
resmelengar [intr, Br]
resmonear [tr, intr]
resmungar [tr]
resmuninhar [tr, intr]
resolver [tr, intr]
resolver-se [tr, intr]
respaldar [tr]
respançar [tr]
respeitar [tr]
respeitar-se [tr]
respigar [tr, intr]
respingar [tr, intr]
respingar-se [tr, intr]
respirar [tr, intr]
resplandecer [tr, intr]
resplendecer [intr]
resplender [tr, intr]
responder [tr, intr]
responder-se [tr, intr]
responsabilizar [tr]
responsabilizar-se [tr]
responsar [tr]
respostar [intr]
ressaber [tr]
ressabiar [intr]
ressabiar-se [intr]
ressacar [tr, intr]
ressacar-se [Br]
ressaibar [intr]
ressair [tr, intr]
ressalgar [tr]
ressaltar [tr, intr]
ressaltear [tr]
ressaltitar [intr]
ressalvar [tr]
ressalvar-se [tr]
ressarcir [tr]
ressarcir-se [tr]
ressaudar [tr]
ressecar [tr]
ressecar-se [tr]
ressegar [tr]
ressegurar [tr]
resselar [tr]
ressemear [tr]
ressentir [tr]
ressentir-se [tr]
ressequir [tr, def]
ressequir-se [tr, def]
resserenar [tr, intr]
resserenar-se [tr, intr]
resservir [tr]
ressicar [tr]
ressicar-se [tr]
ressoar [tr, intr]
ressobrar [intr]
ressoldar [tr]
ressolhar [intr, Br]
ressonar [tr, intr]
ressoprar [tr]
ressorver [tr]
ressuar [intr]
ressudar [tr, intr]
ressulcar [tr]
ressumar [tr, intr]

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ressumbrar [tr, intr]
ressupinar [tr]
ressurgir [tr, intr]
ressurtir [intr]
ressuscitar [tr, intr]
restabelecer [tr]
restabelecer-se [tr]
restampar [tr]
restar [tr, intr]
restaurar [tr]
restaurar-se [tr]
restelar [tr]
restilar [tr]
restinguir [tr]
restituir [tr]
restituir-se [tr]
restolhar [tr, intr]
restribar [tr]
restribar-se [tr]
restringir [tr]
restringir-se [tr]
restrugir [tr, intr]
restucar [tr]
resultar [tr]
resumir [tr, intr]
resumir-se [tr, intr]
resvalar [tr, intr]
retaliar [tr, intr]
retanchar [tr]
retardar [tr, intr]
retardar-se [tr, intr]
retelhar [tr]
retemperar [tr]
retemperar-se [tr]
reter [tr]
reter-se [tr]
retesar [tr]
retesar-se [tr]
rethalar [tr]
reticenciar [tr]
reticular [tr]
retificar [tr, Br]
retificar-se [tr, Br]
retingir [tr]
retinir [tr, intr, def]
retintinir [intr, def]
retirar [tr, intr]
retirar-se [tr, intr]
retocar [tr]
retoiçar [tr, intr]
retoiçar-se [tr, intr]
retomar [tr]
retorcer [tr]
retorcer-se [tr]
retoricar [intr]
retornar [tr, intr]
retorquir [tr, intr, def]
retostar [tr]
retoucar [tr]
retouçar [tr, intr]
retouçar-se [tr, intr]
retovar [tr, Br]
retraçar [tr]
retraduzir [tr]
retrair [tr]
retrair-se [tr]
retramar [tr]
retrancar [tr]
retransir [tr]
retransir-se [tr]
retransmitir [tr]
retrasar [tr]
retratar [tr]
retravar [tr]

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retremer [tr, intr]
retribuir [tr]
retrilhar [tr]
retrincar [tr, intr]
retroagir [intr]
retroar [intr]
retroceder [tr, intr]
retrogradar [tr, intr]
retrosseguir [intr]
retrotrair [tr, intr]
retrotrair-se [tr, intr]
retrovender [tr]
retroverter [tr]
retrucar [tr]
retumbar [tr, intr]
retundir [tr]
reumatizar [tr]
reunificar [tr]
reunificar-se [tr]
reunir [tr, intr]
reunir-se [tr, intr]
reurbanizar [tr]
revacinar [tr]
revacinar-se [tr]
revalidar [tr]
revalorizar [tr]
revelar [tr]
revelar-se [tr]
revelir [tr]
revender [tr]
revenerar [tr]
rever [tr, intr]
rever-se [tr, intr]
reverberar [tr, intr]
reverdecer [tr, intr]
reverdejar [intr]
reverenciar [tr, intr]
reverificar [tr]
reverter [tr]
revessar [tr, intr]
revestir [tr]
revestir-se [tr]
revezar [tr, intr]
revezar-se [tr, intr]
reviçar [tr, intr]
revidar [tr, intr]
revigorar [tr, intr]
revigorar-se [tr, intr]
revingar [tr]
revir [intr]
revir [intr, Br]
revirar [tr]
revirar-se [tr]
reviravoltear [intr]
revisar [tr]
revisitar [tr]
revistar [tr]
reviver [tr, intr]
revivescer [tr, intr]
revivificar [tr]
revoar [intr]
revocar [tr]
revogar [tr]
revolcar [tr]
revolcar-se [tr]
revoltar [tr, intr]
revoltar-se [tr, intr]
revoltear [tr, intr]
revolucionar [tr]
revolucionar-se [tr]
revolutear [intr]
revolver [tr, intr]
revolver-se [tr, intr]
revulsar [tr]
rezar [tr, intr]

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rezingar [tr, intr]
ribeirar [tr, Br]
ribombar [intr]
ribombar [intr]
riçar [tr, intr]
ricochetar [intr]
ricochetear [intr]
ridicularizar [tr]
ridicularizar-se [tr]
ridiculizar [tr]
ridiculizar-se [tr]
rifar [tr]
rilhar [tr, intr]
rimar [tr, intr]
rinchar [intr]
rinchavelhar [intr]
rinconar [intr]
ringir [tr, intr]
rinhar [intr, Br]
ripar [tr]
ripostar [tr, intr]
rir [tr, intr]
rir-se [tr, intr]
riscar [tr, intr]
riscar-se [tr, intr]
ritmar [tr]
rivalizar [tr]
rivalizar-se [tr]
rixar [tr]
rizar [tr]
roborar [tr]
roborizar [tr]
robustecer [tr, intr]
robustecer-se [tr, intr]
roçagar [tr, intr]
rocar [intr]
roçar [tr]
roçar-se [tr]
rocegar [tr]
rociar [tr, intr]
rocinar [tr, Br]
rodar [tr, intr]
rodear [tr]
rodear-se [tr]
rodilhar [tr]
rodopiar [intr]
roer [tr, intr]
rogar [tr, intr]
rogar [tr]
rogar-se [tr]
rojar [tr, intr]
rojar-se [tr, intr]
rolar [tr, intr]
rolar-se [tr, intr]
roldar [tr]
roldear [tr]
roletar [tr]
rolhar [tr]
romancear [tr, intr]
romanear [tr]
romanizar [tr]
romanizar-se [tr]
romantizar [tr, intr]
romper [tr]
romper-se [tr]
roncar [tr, intr]
roncear [intr]
ronchar [tr, Br]
rondar [tr, intr]
rondear [tr, intr]
ronquear [tr]
ronquejar [intr]
ronronar [intr]
rorar [tr, intr, Br]
rorejar [tr, intr]

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z , Overview

rosar [tr]
rosar-se [tr]
roscar [tr]
rosear [tr, intr]
rosear-se [tr, intr]
rosetar [tr, intr, Br]
rosetear [tr, intr, Br]
rosnar [tr, intr]
rosquear [tr, Br]
rostear [tr]
rostir [tr, Br]
rotar [intr]
rotear [tr, intr]
roteirizar [tr, Br]
rotogravar [tr]
rotular [tr]
roubar [tr, intr]
roubar-se [tr, intr]
roufenhar [intr]
roupar [tr]
roupar-se [tr]
rouquejar [tr, intr]
rouxinolear [intr]
roxear [tr, intr]
roxear-se [tr, intr]
rubejar [intr]
rubescer [tr, intr]
rubescer-se [tr, intr]
rubificar [tr, intr]
rubificar-se [tr, intr]
ruborescer [tr]
ruborescer-se [tr]
ruborizar [tr]
ruborizar-se [tr]
rubricar [tr]
ruçar [tr, intr]
ruçar-se [tr, intr]
rufar [tr, intr]
rufiar [intr]
ruflar [tr, intr]
rugir [tr, intr]
rugitar [intr, Br]
ruidar [intr]
ruir [intr, def]
rumar [tr]
rumbear [Br]
ruminar [tr, intr]
rumorar [intr]
rumorejar [tr, intr]
ruralizar [tr, intr]
ruralizar-se [tr, intr]
rusgar [intr]
russificar [tr]
rusticar [tr, intr]
rustir [tr, Br]
rutilar [tr, intr]

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